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The Jersey Gilbert and Sullivan Society


The programme for the event in Jersey is here

The programme for the event in Sark is here

17-21 May (Jersey) & 13 August 2022 (Sark)

A fully staged production of "The Yeomen of the Guard" was performed at the Great Hall at Highlands College in May 2022. This was reprised in the Sark Community Hall in August 2022. The Producer and Musical Director were Simon Thomas and Annette Blanchet respectively.

The principals were cast as follows:

Sergeant Meryll – Michael Blackie

Phoebe Meryll – Liberty Spears

Leonard Meryll – Richard Joynt

Colonel Fairfax – Joseph Barette

Jack Point – Will Millow

Elsie Maynard – Kelly Watson

Wilfred Shadbolt – Phil Le Claire (Jersey) & Simon Thomas (Sark)

Dame Carruthers – Judy Egre

Kate – Georgina Ford (Jersey) & Kate Rabey (Sark)

Lieutenant - Mark Godel

The show itself received many positive reviews and comments from the audience, such as the following:

"Just a quick note to say I was so impressed with the performance last night. Everyone worked so hard and as a team, with no one hogging the limelight. I don’t know if the hall had some means of amplification or it was just good acoustics but all the voices were so strong and your pianist was magnificent! The costumes were interesting and helped the singers to create the atmosphere and bring the characters to life. A very well produced piece of theatre, which reached a high level, and equalled many a production at the Savoy!    So, many congratulations to all………G and S would have been proud!!!"

"Just wanted to say what a superb performance that you and the cast of G&S Jersey gave; we were in the audience last night (Friday). I thought that the quality of the singing; the facial expressions and the timeliness of the entrances/exits for each piece was perfect. I could tell just how much time you all put into rehearsals. The 2 leading ladies; Phoebe and the one in the yellow dress were top-class; they have such a high range and are a real asset to your Society. The lighting team also did a good job as did Grace on the piano; true professional pianist. Problem we have is there is only one of her in Jersey.  And lastly, yourself and your fellow gents in the chorus did wonderfully, sang boldly and looked the part. This one really enthralled and entertained me from start to finish."

The performance in the Great Hall at Highlands College in May 2022