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The Jersey Gilbert and Sullivan Society


Sunday 17th  July - Society Singalong to be held during the afternoon.  Barbecue & drinks

Thursday 4th August, Tuesday 9th August, Thursday 11st August - Yeomen Sark rehearsals

Sunday 7th August - DVD showing of “The Yeomen of the Guard” - 2pm at St Mary’s School

13th August – “The Yeomen of the Guard” at the Sark Island Hall in the evening (fully costumed).

14th/15th October –  “Cox & Box” at the Georgian House on 16th New Street at the invitation of the National Trust for Jersey (2 peformances)

Thursday 20th October - AGM followed by meal - St Aubin's church hall

24th & 27th November – Thursday night rehearsal followed by "Tea & Cakes" concert on a Sunday afternoon venue TBD