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The Jersey Gilbert and Sullivan Society

Dramatis Personae; 2008 production

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre ( an elderly Baronet ). Terry Neale (who had played the part of Sir Marmaduke in 1991, stepped in to this role within a few weeks of curtains-up)

Characterisation:- a baronet of ancient lineage not quite the same as Lady Sangazure but well established. He is rather bemused and maintains a rather befuddled condescension throughout. Very traditional in his outlook and does not agree with the modern way of courtship.

Mrs Partlet ( a pew-opener) Andrea Rosenfeld

Mrs Partlet- a simple lady who is a humble pew opener at the parish church, she is a rather larger than life person filling the stage with large theatrical gestures who only wants the best for her only daughter Constance.

Dr Daly( Vicar of Ploverleigh ). Will Millow

A rather portly pompous clergyman, ageing with a resignation that he will never ever find love, he has a rather gentle demeanour, entrance possibly on a tricycle.

Alexis (of the Grenadier Guards) Russell Painter

Alexis is a rather snobbish, condescending aristocratic stuffed shirt, with rather progressive ideas 'Love he extols has the power to erase all divisive social barriers' It is his idea to invite the sorcerer, and really bullies Aline into taking the love potion, there is the need to maintain an ardent aristocratic air throughout.

Aline ( daughter of Lady Sangazure-betrothed to Alexis) Karen Syvret

A happy lovely lady soon to become a bride, she is also rather down to earth in complete contrast to her betrothed Alexis. Extremely shocked at his suggestion that she take the love potion but is bullied into doing so. She is the only daughter of the rich Lady Sangazure descended from Helen of Troy.

Wellington-Wells ( Sorcerer) Michael Blackie

Comes from London, he belongs to an old established firm of family sorcerers, who practice all sorts of magic's and spells, with their penny curse as their speciality. He is a glib, tongued charlatan full of exaggerated and melodramatic gestures, over the top is the best way to describe his character. His love philtre, he guarantee's will make anyone who drinks it fall in love with another who has also tasted it. He is a spiv type salesman with a suitcase/cart full of magic samples. In the final scene he is almost to be pitied as a put upon tradesman and he surrenders his soul to the kingdom of hell. Bright and garishly dressed, his less than subtle outfit should support the dramatic highpoints.

Constance. ( Daughter to Mrs Partlet) Nicola Austin

A demure and shy young lady who is love sick ( and shows it ), rather forlorn because her affections are not returned by Dr Daly, he is completely unaware of her feelings for him. Her scene with the Notary has to have contrast in that although the potion has made them fall in love with each other she cannot always restrain her repugnance.

Lady Sanguzure (a lady of ancient lineage) Susan Chipperfield

A strong personality with a rather haughty attitude throughout the main scenes except where her passion comes through during the scenes with Sir Marmaduke and Wellington Wells.

Notary(Lawyer) Mike Halsey

A rather frail old man who having partaken of the love potion becomes entangled with the young and vivacious Constance.


2008 was the year of The Sorcerer directed by Roger Williams and was sponsored by Standard Bank.