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The Jersey Gilbert and Sullivan Society


Three concerts were put on in 2016 on the following occasions;

On Sunday 30th October, the Society put on a Tea and Cakes concert St Andrew's Church.

This was a great success with one attendee remarking "What a splendid afternoon it was with a full hall.

Superlative entertainment and the table groaning ( as they say) under the weight of the cakes.

Brought back a number of happy memories of the past shows and being out front....,

confirmed what I already knew about the great voices we have with the (Principal singers within the Society)"

A copy of the programme can be found here

On Saturday 2nd July, the Society put on a concert featuring both soloists and the main chorus at Ebenezer Methodist Church.

On Sunday 31st January, the Society tried something new in the first of our concerts for the year in mixing Sunday afternoon tea and cakes with the music of Gilbert and Sullivan.

A packed St Brelade's Church Hall heard the following items sung;

Eagle High                                                                                        Ensemble

Rising early                                                                                       Will Millow

The Sun whose rays                                                                           Kelly Watson

When the night wind howls                                                                 Mark Bond

A Tenor can’t do himself justice                                                           Mike Halsey

Come Might Must                                                                               Maria Stegenwalner

A British Tar                                                                                      Richard Joynt, Mike, Julian de la Cour

Welcome joy                                                                                     Mark, Maria

We are warriors three                                                                         Simon Appleby, Julian, Mark

Princess Ida Finale Act One                                                                 Ensemble


If you want a receipt                                                                          John Shield

When Frederic was a little lad                                                              Judy Egré

So go to him                                                                                     Maria, Michael

Towards the empyrean heights                                                            Kelly, Annette Blanchet, Ladies

I rejoice that it’s decided                                                                    Maria, Annette, Mike, Will, Mark

O false one                                                                                       Richard, Judy

Our tale is told                                                                                  Richard

When a felon                                                                                    Simon

There grew a little flower                                                                    Judy, Mark

When I go out of door                                                                        Will, Michael

Trial by Jury Finale                                                                             Ensemble

Princess Ida Finale Act One